Heropolis applies to the following areas:
- Industrial risks, OIV.
- Patrols, event management: private security.
- Maintenance: task monitoring, definition / automation of processes, discussion with experts.
- Crisis management: Large groups, Communities.
- Supervision: PCS and CSU equipment.
- Community safety: Heropolis equips exposed personnel, municipal police, and manages safety plans.
Solutions proposed by HEROPOLIS
The power to act
Heropolis is a secure SaaS + mobile platform for managing procedures in workflows that can be activated for safety / security risks, communication and field tasks in everyday, emergency and crisis management contexts. Our visual procedure editor makes it possible to digitize the methods and responses to risks: management of chats, audio or videoconferencing, creation of forms, quiz type questionnaires, mass or group alert, creation of virtual crisis room, assignment and follow-up of tasks, generation of reports and statistics for decision support, etc. A second section allows you to visually customize the corresponding mobile application (any mobile, including web-application), according to the needs and risks encountered by each category of people, such as: taking up a position, reporting, management accident, technical intervention, etc. A third section allows the Supervision of geo-localized categories of people (depending on the type of account), the reception and processing of reports (via a dedicated button in the application, a discreet alert, the PTI, a connected element, or a keyboard shortcut) by messaging, audio or video exchange, then the follow-up of a procedure linked to the classification of the event. The fourth section is dedicated to data analysis in the form of customizable handrails, cartographic views, time frames, and diagrams. Particular attention is paid to ergonomics, data security (secure French Cloud, Personal Data Impact Analysis), and user support.
Safety and security

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