HAProxy, available in software (HAPEE) and appliance (ALOHA) format, is the fastest and most widely used software load balancer in the world. It makes it possible to set up efficient, resilient and secure infrastructures for websites and business applications. The added value of HAProxy also lies in its security modules (WAF, Anti-DDOS, Anti-Bot, Fingerprint, ACL's) and in the richness of its logs for increased observability. https://www.haproxy.com/
Solutions proposed by HAPROXY
HAPEE - HAProxy Enterprise Edition
A software load balancer with state-of-the-art features from a suite of add-ons and 24x7 Support
HAProxy Enterprise combines HAProxy software, the world-renowned open source load balancer and application delivery controller with complementary features and companion and support services. HAProxy Enterprise is a robust product that is tailored to modern business goals, requirements, and infrastructures.
HAProxy - Aloha
A plug-and-play virtual load balancer (Virtual Appliance version) based on HAProxy Enterprise.
Based on HAProxy Enterprise, HAProxy ALOHA is a plug-and-play Layer 4 and Layer 7 hardware or virtual load balancer. Its user-friendly GUI manages an unlimited number of backend servers. This easy-to-install dedicated system provides businesses with efficient load balancing for their critical services. With the HAProxy ALOHA virtual load balancer, you deploy new applications in minutes. Its graphical interface and system of configuration templates make it particularly easy to use. The ALOHA virtual appliance offers the same application and network load balancing functions (layers 7 and 4) as the physical appliance, without compromising on performance.
HAProxy - FUSION Control Plane
With HAProxy Fusion Control Plane, you manage all your HAProxy Enterprise instances from a single GUI or API.
Centralized management of your load balancer infrastructure Fusion supports HAProxy Enterprise deployments of all sizes, from small structures with a single cluster to large production environments. Administrators can manage multiple fleets of load balancers, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Application development teams should be able to freely configure the load balancing, security, and monitoring of their applications. Fusion hides the complexity of the underlying infrastructure from developers, who have simpler options, while providing advanced functionality for administrators. Using the Fusion API (OpenAPI specification), developers can integrate custom applications into the load balancing layer, making it possible to automate common tasks. Centralized management for operational service, self-service for application developers and multi-layered functions for security professionals: HAProxy Fusion Control Plan bridges development, security and operational service. Security features include an integrated web application firewall and RBAC.
HAProxy - Kubernetes Ingress Controller
HAProxy Ingress Controller is the most efficient way to route traffic in a Kubernetes cluster.
HAProxy Enterprise's Kubernetes Ingress Controller is designed to supercharge your Kubernetes environment by adding advanced TCP and HTTP routing that connects clients outside your Kubernetes cluster with containers running inside. Built on HAProxy Enterprise, the Ingress Controller adds an important layer of security with its built-in WAF and observability with its native Prometheus support.
Software load balancer and application delivery controller.

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